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Sometimes you see something and then your mind just go: ‘WOW’. Speechless! We’ve featured a lot of new handbags up until now and we will continue to do so. Say hi to the Classic Chevron Hobo Bag for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1. It’s a new bag, in a new style but with a classic look.

The Design

Enough of the flap bags, tote bags and backpacks, it’s time for the hobo to shine. And just like the Gabrielle Hobo Bag, this is the Classic Flap Bag version of the Hobo style. Designed with a bit larger CC logo on the front, your heart will skip more than one beat. The body is chevron quilted, but we silently also hope that they will also introduce a diamond-quilted version.
Because everything is inspired by the classics, including the woven chain leather shoulder strap. But you will absolutely adore the hobo style, mainly because it got a spacious interior. It’s perfect for work or daily use. It’s practical and fashionable.

The Interior

Just like we’ve said, the interior is going to be spacious and will fit your iPad for sure. Inside we expect will be designed with one main compartment. This is not only easier but also increase the space size.

The Prices And Sizes

Currently we do not have the prices and sizes, please check with the SA for more info.