The Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM is simply lovely

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The disdain that some people have for monogrammed handbags has grown exponentially over the years. Classic monogram patterns are some of the most sought-after and worn designs ever, but although everyone knows the Louis Vuitton monogram, for example, not everyone likes it. I don’t find it as abhorrent as others do, and seeing Louis Vuitton find ways to implement it on their bags without it being quite so in-your-face delights me.

I was browsing in the Louis Vuitton SoHo store earlier this week and found myself drawn to the Monogram Empreinte line. Luscious leather is embossed with the classic LV design which gives a touch of brand familiarity while remaining sophisticated. The bag I couldn’t stop coveting and keep returning to is the Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM.

Simply put, this bag is lovely. The tote shape has double top handles and an entirely crucial shoulder strap. I adore the front zipper compartment and the fact that the top has zipper pulls seals the deal. While every little part that makes the whole is luxurious, it is the overall aesthetic that I find myself most drawn to. Simplicity at its finest, I appreciate a well-designed and visually pleasing bag. I would be proud to carry this bag on my arm. Bravo Louis Vuitton.

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