You Think This Is A Good Louis Vuitton Replica Neverfull? Take A Closer Look!

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Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag

There are a lot of authentic Louis Vuitton handbags reviews and guides online. And when you decide to buy a Louis Vuitton replica handbag, it’s always a good idea to check those articles too. This way you’ll know what to look for on a replica, what the most common flaws are and which defects you can hide. This article is about a bad Louis Vuitton replica Neverfull and other advices that can help you make the right decision.

As I was saying, a “how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag” guide can really help you! This is how I started making the best decisions and buy the best replica handbags. First, you have to study the authentic bag. You have to really know all the details of the bag, like the stitching, the hardware, the structure, the pockets, the zippers and lastly, the colors available for that model or style.

After analyzing the authentic bag, you can start looking for the guides I was mentioning. Whether you’re looking for them here, on my blog, or on other sites, the most important thing are the photos. Close up shots are more than welcomed. But, from my experience, you should also double check the information because there are a lot of girls that have no idea of they are talking about.

Only after you finish with all the documentation, you can look for a replica. It’s true that most replica bags look great in the photos, especially Louis Vuitton replica handbags, so it’s better to find a site with real photos. I know that all of you, my dear readers, want the best bag but since we’re talking about replicas, 98% like the authentic is the best you can get.

This being said, a friend of mine purchased this Louis Vuiton replica Neverfull.

Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag Inside

Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag Handle

Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag Inside Pocket

Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag Inside View

Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag Side

Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Neverfull Handbag Bottom

The bag is not horrible, I’ve seen even worse. The leather trimmings are too orange and they are not aligned on the sides. The stitching inside the bag, around the pocket, is not good and you have a few double stitching also.

The last thing that it’s a total giveaway is the date code. The date code is supposed to be like SD 2057, meaning: the two letters indicates the country code (France, Italy, Spain, USA).

The reason she bought this bag is that she didn’t want to go through custom with brand new pale looking leather trim so she went with the leather that had been oxidized. (That was what the seller said).

I know that even if you have all the information, it’s hard to feel confident, especially if it’s your fist time buying a replica bag. But if you’re even in doubt, leave me your question below and I’ll help you!

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