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Saint Laurent: The End Of Sac de Jour?


Here’s a little refresher on the Sac de Jour, which was the subject of comparisons with Hermès’ iconic Birkin when it was first launched. From its shape (complete with top handle), to the pared-down minimalistic exterior, and even right down to details like the tabbed gussets and clochette, the similarities were pretty obvious. But that’s also what made the Sac de Jour an absolute winner in Saint Laurent’s books.

For one, it comes with a removable sling which gives it extra points in terms of versatility. Two, it was readily available on the shelves, and came in colour options ranging from a timeless Black or Smog (Grey) to a cherry pop Pink and electric Blue over the years, which meant that there was always something for everyone and anyone. Three, it came in a myriad of sizes, from ladies who want a compact piece, to larger everyday bags and carryalls that’s great for the weekends.

Previously, the smaller sizes came in Nano, Baby or Toy (the tiniest of the lot), but Toy has since been discontinued. Nano (priced from SGD2630) comes in at 22 cm by 18 cm, and makes for the perfect size for days when you don’t have to carry much. Baby (priced from SGD3520), on the other hand, is slightly bigger at 26 cm by 20.5 cm, armed with a central zipped pocket which gives it a tad bit more space for all your extra barang-barang. Then, there’s the Small (priced from SGD4090), which is frankly a great daily bag, coming in at 32 cm by 25.5 cm that will fit everything you need, right down to an iPad Mini.

And here’s the most important thing for those who are still on the fence. Word on the street is that the Sac de Jour is going to be discontinued, but that is largely based on rumours for now. Here are some reasons why. It hasn’t gotten new variations since its peak from 2013 to 2016), nor has it been under the brand’s spotlight (nor campaign features) for several seasons now. Typically, leather goods that do well generally get price increments year on year. Take, for example, the Monogram Bill Pouchwhich was featured earlier this year. It is now priced at SGD510. The Sac de Jour, however, has been hovering around the same price point as it was a year or two ago.

Of course it doesn’t help that the downside to the Sac de Jour lies in its weight. With a full leather exterior and interior (which is a good thing for bag lovers looking out for a truly quality piece), it can be pretty heavy after you fill it up with your daily essentials. But is it really the end? Only time will tell…