24 New, Seasonless Black Bags for the Practical Accessories Lovers Among Us


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Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags: True Reflections


Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags

The festive mood is upon us and when you say party, I automatically think glitter! But actual glitter is impossibly messy, and sequins can get old fast. A supremely shiny bag is the best way to liven up any outfit, so even if you’re sticking to basics when it comes to getting dressed, you can amp things up in an instant with your bag. And the fact you can check your red-hot lipstick on the sly is just a convenient bonus.

Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags

1. Maison Margiela Metallic Shopping Tote:icon You don’t need the occasion of a cocktail party to get your shine in full effect. Enhance your daily routine with this light-catching tote. 

Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags

2. Chloé Drew Shoulder Bag:icon The Drew is a favorite of ours, and all it took was the addition of a splash of flash for Chloé to improve upon perfection.

Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags

3. Paco Rabanne Small Leather Bag:icon The canteen-style bag is a shape that’s heating up this season, and nothing makes it sizzle like ice-cold silver leather. 

Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags

4. Marques’ Almeida Metallic Leather Handbag:icon A stiff little shoulder bag has a way of feeling, well, stiff. But not when it’s in super-slick and glossy pink. 

Top 5 Metallic Mirror Bags

5. Christopher Kane Mini Safety Buckle Metallic-Leather Shoulder Bag:icon If you’re feeling especially frisky, Christopher Kane is your man. There is nothing safe about this searing blue accessory.

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Ascend to Hermès heaven at YOCHIKA boutique


There are two structures of quality that the Japanese look out for in their materialistic pursuits.Atarimae hinshitsu advocates functionality—the idea that things will work as they are supposed to— while miryokuteki hinshitsu advocates aesthetics, founded on the idea that superficial charm constitutes the quality of a product.

For Mr Toutasu Yo, he has the best of both worlds. With a cosmic inventory of functional but extravagant handbags from one of fashion’s most hallowed brands, his collection is unparalleled in calibre. Follow us as we dive deeper into the success story of his boutique, YOCHIKA.


What is the success story behind YOCHIKA?

Fifteen years ago, I began purchasing luxury in France as a personal, entrepreneurial endeavour. However, YOCHIKA was established in 2007 to grow the recognition of the company.

After nine solid years, we’ve gathered an international following with customers hailing from beyond Japan.


Fronting one of the most extravagant brands, Hermès, what is one trait that’s quintessential to Yochika?

The important thing about dealing with luxurious Hermès products is to bear in mind the constant provision of a kind and polite customer service. Comprehensive information and details on the brand are consistently shared among all staff members within the company to improve product knowledge.


What are some expert tips to know if someone intends to buy his/her first Hermès bag? 

Always take into careful consideration the size and colour that suit you the best. A 25cm Hermès handbag may look dainty but it will not serve well as a luggage due to its smaller capacity. On the other hand, a 30cm Hermès handbag strikes an ideal balance between demeanour and size.

For anyone taller than 165cm, we always recommend a 35cm Hermès handbag.

While it is desirable to stick with the trends and pick a likeable seasonal colour, it is also important to note that an Hermès bag can last you for decades. Our advice for the ladies who are getting their first Hermès handbag is to choose a colour that is timeless.


Also, do you have any must-know care tips?

To care properly for your Hermès, always pack it into the original dust bag before storing in a well-ventilated area. Never stow it away without an added layer of protection, even in the original orange Hermès box.


We’ve read somewhere that not every woman can buy a Birkin without ending up in a long-standing relationship with their initial sales associate. How true is this insight?

We believe it would be more desirable to buy the bag after engaging in a longstanding relationship with an Hermès sales associate.


Hermès is known for their sky-high cost. From your understanding, why is an Hermès Birkin bag so expensive?

This is because Hermès handbags are adored by women all over the world, but production is unable to keep up with the demand because Birkin and Kelly bags are handmade by skilled craftsmen. As the scarcity value rises, the price of an Hermès shoots up alongside it.


On another note, are you also able to share why YOCHIKA is able to offer Hermès at such reasonable prices?

We reduce costings by purchasing goods from France directly. Due to the internal circulation and promotion of product knowledge, we have an eye for popular designs and almost always purchase them with accuracy.

To ensure our customers are satisfied, price setting is always at the back of our minds.

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The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 8

Mens Bags

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Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag For Cruise 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton News


The Cruise 2015 Collection? You ask…

But, but the Fall Winter 2014 Collection has just been released?

Oh yes, I know what you mean. It’s like going to a restaurant and when the main dish has just been served, they throw a dessert card in your face. Ouch! But that’s the way it works in the fashion world, nothing to do about it.

Please meet the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag from the Cruise 2015 Collection, the evolution version of the Petite Malle Bag from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. And oh boy, how they altered the design.

The original Petite Malle Shoulder Bag was made to mirror the classic trunks, which is lovely. But the new Petite Malle from the Cruise 2015 is nothing like that. I mean, it still got the iconic S-Lock, but the body has been totally modernized. It’s like a cosmetic box, but a more luxurious version.

While the original version comes with a strap, the latest version is beautified with removable chain straps. It can be changed into a clutch bag anytime, to help you go through the nights, with glam.

Finished with Epi Leather, it’s a true luxury item, make it a part of your collection. This is the first-look, meaning the prices and sizes has not been published yet. More information will follow soon.


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Louis Vuitton News


Clutching into the idea of owning a new LV bag? Well well, never think twice my dear for the new Twice Clutch is here to complete your trendy and stylish look. Exude an effortless aura of classiness and elegance with this compact and lightweight bag in tow. Sassy, chic but nevertheless elaborately appropriate for an independent modern woman, this LV clutch will be your go-to accessory whether on a casual date or whenever you meet with your girlfriends over a cup of coffee.

With functionality in mind as it can neatly transition from a cross-body bag during the day to a lovely clutch during the night, the Twice Clutch is just the perfect stylish fixer. For the well-organized, they will find heaven in this clutch for it has compartments that will keep your belongings in place all the time. Oh, it also has a secret pocket for whatever private thing you need to stow.

Twice Clutch also has a monogram canvas and grained calf leather and comes in classic black and two other cheeky shades, perfect for those who would like to break from the monotony. It has the following dimensions: 9.1 L x 6.7 x H, 1.6 inches W.





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