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It can transform from a wallet to a shoulder bag or a shoulder bag to a wallet, totally depending on your mood and circumstance, it will adapt like a chameleon. Fabulous and glamorous at the same time, effortless and easy to use, the Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet.

I belief there’s always room for an effortless accessory, especially the ones that has multiple use. With rich colors and glossy monogram vernis leather, I can fall in love with this wallet over and over again. The shiny leather is ideal for your lovely evenings, perhaps girl’s night? Let the light reflect on your wallet then back into the eyes of your audience, it’s simply perfect.

And if you need to work before hitting the club, then use it as a shoulder bag first, then a clutch. Though it’s named a wallet, do not be deceived as it has much larger space than you might expect. Go from day to night by simply removing the chain and hide it inside. Also do know that all your everyday essentials can be stored and secured in the Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet.

Available in the stunning summer colors like Citrine, Rose Angelique, Amethyste, Pomme D’ Amour, Indian Rose and Grand Blue. Sized at 7.5 x 3.9 inches and priced at $1,140 USD or €750 euro at Louis Vuitton e-store.







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2014 Spring Summer Luxury Brand Wallet Collection, LV Wallet Cheap Sale


Have a nice designer handbags, how can we forget a great wallet to match it? A nice wallet not only show your fantastic fashion taste, but also make your lift more convenience to put your cash and cards. Here, we bring some of most popular and hot sale latest new 2014 Spring Summer luxury brand wallet below including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes. Take a view and shop them at mylouisvuittonshow.com in discount price!

1. Louis Vuitton Epi Wallet Spring 2014

Louis Vuitton Wallet 2014 Spring Summer

2. Chanel Wallet For Spring Summer 2014

 Chanel Wallet 2014 Spring

3. Hermes Dogon Circular Tabbed Wallet and Bearn H Closure Wallet

Hermes Dogon Wallet 2014


Hermes Bearn Wallet

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The Most Popular LV Bags – Authentic Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet For Sale


Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet Cheap Sale

If you need a handbag for ball or just want to carry a smaller bag in daily life, which model you will choose? In Louis Vuitton summer 2014 handbags collection, they available a new Chaine Wallet for your requirement which offer seven colorways choose from! Look at the pics about those new LV Chaine Wallet 2014, it can transform from a wallet to a shoulder bag or a shoulder bag to a wallet, totally depending on your mood and circumstance to make it been the most popular lv bags 2014 sale.

Those Newly Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet come out with rich colors and glossy monogram vernic leather, and the shiny leather is ideal for your lovely evening. If you want to grab a great new lv bags 2014 online, mylouisvuittonshow.com available those new lv 2014 summer bag at lower price, free delivery and no sale tax!

LV Chaine Wallet 2014 Sale
Material: Monogram Vernis
Fuction: Clutches And Evening
Model: M90148, M90149, M90088, M90089, M90090, M90091
Color: Amethyste, Pomme D’amour,Rose Angelique, Grand Bleu, Amarante, Indian Rose, Citrine
Chaine Wallet Louis Vuitton Price: $189.99
Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Summer 2014 Handbags: 


Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014 Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014 Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014 Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014 Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014 Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014 Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet 2014

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2014 Spring Candy Colored Louis Vuitton Epi Pastel Bag And Wallet Sale


Louis Vuitton Epi Spring 2014 Colors

Louis Vuitton Epi Spring 2014 Colors

Few days ago, there are many of different materials and models Louis Vuitton handbags in 2014 Spring/Summer has been shown for you, to meet the season, Louis Vuitton in many of candy colored and more bright color design for those bags, outfit, shoes and more accessories bring you a beautiful Spring time.

And in the 2014 Spring’s Louis Vuitton Epi Pastel colors, we will find those fresh colors are available in two iconic and popular models louis vuitton bags which including neverfull lv MM and LV louise PM bags. However, if you are a Louis Vuitton fans, you will find in the Epi Pastel colors, there are also in some of small leather goods, zippy wallet, zippy coin purse, sarah wallet and marie-lou long wallet available. With four colorways available choose from, you will find more great and brand new louis vuitton 2014 handbags sale for cheap at mylouisvuittonshow.com!


Timeless and iconic Epi Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag always very popular and hot sale, and this Spring 2014, they come out in a fresh update with new pastel colors which perfect for May Day travel. MM size perfect carry in any condition.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 Bags Pastel Epi leather Neverfull


2014 spring lv louise pm bag features a tone-on-tone epilike resin Louis Vuitton initials closure. The removable epi leather strap perfect carry out which you can used as a shoulder bag or clutch bag.

Louis Vuitton Epi Louise PM Bag

Small Leather Goods

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Kim’s Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet Cheap Sale


Where to shop 100% Authentic fashionable Louis Vuitton Wallet online for cheap? LV Zippy wallet in classic design with well made sell on mylouisvuittonshow.com for free shipping, nice price!

Louis Vuitton M60450 Zippy Wallet Red

Louis Vuitton M60450 Zippy Wallet Red
Material: Canvas
Fuction: Wallets
Model: M60450
Color: Red
Special Price:$139.99

There are so many of LV fans would like carry those great fashion cheap LV handbags in the street which including super stars and celebs. Recently, Kim put down her Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Zippy Wallet in red monogram dots with Kanye West.

This pair Louis Vuitton Wallet is probably one of most popular and my best purchases ever model wallet, it withstands practically anything and is so sturdy yet chic. Now, You can buy real lv wallet at mylouisvuittonshow.com for discount price, free shipping!

Kim Carry Louis Vuitton Wallet

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They Did It Again! A Free Louis Vuitton Replica Eva Clutch!


Louis Vuitton Replica Purse

I don’t know what happened but Club Couture decided to change the old promotion, the one with the Louis Vuitton replica wallet with something else, something better. I think it’s great because their new free gift is the perfect fit for Mother’s Day.

They’ve had this promotion before but a free Louis Vuitton replica Eva clutch is always welcomed, don’t you think? And it’s one of their best Louis Vuitton replica handbags. You probably know by now what to do to get this amazing offer but for the ones who don’t know here are the rules. You need to sign up on the site here and make a minimum purchase of $75. Pretty easy, right?

What do you think? Can this Louis Vuitton replica Eva clutch be the best gift for Mother’s Day?

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